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Determining the future of an estate can be a challenging and emotional time. Whether you’re writing a will or dealing with the aftermath of a loved one passing, our probate solicitors take a sensitive approach that makes sure everyone is cared for.

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When a life comes to an end, you want closure and security. But whether you’re drawing up a will or settling the estate as an executor, there’s a lot to think about. Money, assets, final wishes… Our probate solicitors are here to make sure you never feel overwhelmed, getting everything in order for a result that’s not only fair, but legal.

Optimal Solicitors have wide-ranging experience in wills and probate law. This allows us to quickly define and resolve anything coming between you and a smooth inheritance. We can also resolve disputes between beneficiaries if needed.

From writing the will to applying for a grant of probate and estate administration, we’ll make sure everyone gets what they’re due and no one is left with any questions. By tackling wills and probates sensitively, we get the best outcome for everyone involved.

Will Writing

Will Writing

It’s vital to know your affairs are in order. Otherwise, deciding who gets what – including any trusts or charities – is open for debate. We’ll determine what the estate is worth, help draw up the will, and name an executor. Such an important document deserves your complete peace of mind.

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Contesting A Will

Contesting A Will

There’s enough to cope with when a loved one passes without worrying about getting the inheritance you deserve. If you believe you’ve been wrongly left out of their final wishes, and choose to contest the will, we’ll help you understand your rights and fight your corner every step of the way.

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Without a grant of probate, you won’t have the authority to administer the estate. We make sure it’s handed to the Probate Registry in good time, so you aren’t hit with fines or more inheritance tax than you were expecting. If no one’s in place to manage the inheritance, we’ll help you through the next steps.

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It doesn’t matter how complex your situation is – we’re here to help. Our wills and probate solicitors cover all legal matters relating to a person’s estate. We’ll bring an objective perspective to these very personal circumstances, so you or your loved ones can be at peace.

Why Optimal Solicitors?

We’ll save you money

With us at your side, a settlement will never pay more tax than it should, leaving more for the beneficiaries. That’s including any business accounts, shares, and overseas properties that are also involved. Don’t worry about hidden fees either; we’re always upfront.

We specialise in wills and probate law

We’ll handle any circumstance that may range across large families, unknown beneficiaries, or an estate tied in disputes. The rest of our legal work prepares us for this – unlike many wills and probate experts, we also specialise in property and family law.

We adapt to your requirements

It doesn’t matter how much notice you give us, or whether you’d rather talk things through at your own pace. Reach out whenever you want to; we don’t limit you with strict opening times. Chat to us by phone, email or in person. Whatever you prefer.

What do probate solicitors do?

Probate solicitors help you prepare a complete will and testament, or solve problems that arise when an estate doesn’t have a clear settlement plan. They determine whether a will is valid, assess and distribute the inheritance, find the right records to prove it, and round off all the paperwork. It’s about caring for people and tying up all the loose ends together.

Do I actually need a probate solicitor?

The creation of a will – which must be legalised and witnessed – can leave much to interpretation if the wrong approach is taken. Using probate solicitors makes sure you cover every base and specify what should happen. This is especially true when the estate is facing insolvency or there are multiple trusts involved.

What is a grant of probate?

A grant of probate is the court-approved duty to carry out the role of executor in the will – the person managing the inheritance. You’ll get control of bank and building society accounts, as well as any property. However, sometimes an executor isn’t named or the will wasn’t legalised. As long as you’re a spouse or related to the deceased, you can apply to be an administrator. We’ll show you what a letter of administration requires.

How do rules of intestacy work?

These are brought into play when there is no valid will at all or no one steps forward to administer the estate. They are basic rules to divide money and assets between relatives. Unmarried partners, friends, carers, and relations by marriage don’t count. There are many other rules to consider, but rest assured – we can lay them all out for you.

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Whether you’re drawing up plans for your own estate or seeking to resolve that of someone you were close to, we’re here to help. Speak to Optimal Solicitors for a free wills and probate quote today.

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