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We understand that, when a medical professional has made your condition worse or caused a new injury, it may feel like a betrayal of your trust. Optimal Solicitors can help you secure compensation if you wish to make a claim.


    Claim against private or NHS malpractice with us

    A breach of medical trust can be unforgivable. If your nurse, doctor, dentist, or clinical specialist did something they shouldn’t have – beyond the typical risks of medical treatment or diagnosis – then you are due the proper compensation.

    We’ll assess who was at fault and what they should’ve done differently. Medical negligence is one of the toughest cases to prove, but our solicitors have years of experience to draw on. We know what a strong case looks like, as well as the laws that can hold medical practitioners to account.

    Whether you or a loved one have suffered small injuries, illness, side effects, or are still dealing with long-term complications, come to us. We’ll aim to settle the matter outside of court, and strive for the highest and quickest payout.

    Take your first step towards a successful claim

    We’re used to dealing with insurers, hospitals, and medical bodies on behalf of individuals. Once our solicitors gather the evidence and determine what you’re due for medical claims compensation, we’ll keep you updated on every stage as we reach it.

    Your specialist medical negligence lawyers

    The key to your claim rests on whether the medical professional did everything in their power, and used their best judgement, to work in your interests. We’ll compare what happened to what should have happened, based on strict medical standards and testimony.

    Our legal team will get to know your circumstances to determine whether you have a strong case, and then support you all the way should you decide to move forward. The payout will cover any pain, mental trauma, loss of earnings, extra medical care, or the cost of home adaptations for recovery.

    • Surgery that caused death or serious injury beyond the procedure’s normal risks.
    • A failed, late, or mistaken diagnosis. You may have also been prescribed the wrong medicine as a result.
    • Behaviour that caused or worsened pressure sores. We’ll find out whether you were kept in a bed for too long, or if staff spotted these sores and did nothing.
    • Infection resulting from a failure to clean or dress your wounds. Hospitals are dangerous environments for cuts and abrasions if they aren’t treated properly.
    • Dental negligence – for example, extracting the wrong tooth, causing undue injury, and not giving you a suitable oral hygiene plan.

    We’ve helped thousands of people like you, get the best outcome

    How to approach medical negligence claims

    There’s so much to analyse, record, and compare for a reliable claim. But don’t worry – we’ll collect all the required information for you, using current medical records and gathering new evidence with respect to good medical practices.

    Here’s how to make sure your case is as strong as can be:

    Speak to us

    We’ll ask for anything you can give us that describes the trauma or injury. Photos, statements, correspondence, and journal entries are just some of the material we can use. Eyewitnesses (such as friends or family) are another useful source of support.

    Find official medical records

    Our medical negligence lawyers will access the official records that show what treatment you received. These include X-rays, ultrasounds, and other screenings. If you received public health treatment, you can ask for more details via the NHS complaints procedure.

    Receive a medical assessment

    Next, our in-house medical reporting team will conduct independent assessments on your condition. Experienced doctors and specialists will visit you, look at the records, and determine whether they think you were the victim of negligence.

    Calculate your compensation

    At this stage, we’ll have a very clear idea of the extent of the harm caused and where it may fall outside good medical practice. To account for the financial burden, we’ll review any expenses – like receipts, bills, and loss of earnings – to paint a fuller picture of what you’ve had to suffer.

    Settle your case

    It’s common for medical experts from both sides (those you’ve used for a second opinion, and the defending individual or medical organisation) to meet and discuss the case. The majority of the time, that’s enough to settle the matter. But we can prepare you for court if necessary.

    Speak to Optimal Solicitors now

    Let’s bring you into the medical negligence claims process. Get in touch with us today to find out how much compensation you could be in line for.

    Types of medical negligence compensation claims

    This is the most severe kind of medical negligence, and often receives the highest value reparations as a result. It’s only applicable to people who were out to harm you – in other words, they had intent to cause harm, and abused their role to do so.

    Was someone else in charge of the person who was directly responsible? Their negligence could have added to the problem. Vicarious liability can involve those who should have been monitoring, training, or controlling the situation.

    Sometimes, a medical professional is only to blame for part of the damage. These cases ask for a proportionate payout. The medical practitioner will share responsibility with you, an employer, or whoever else may have made the trauma, injury, or condition worse.

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    Care, trust, and convenience. That’s exactly what we’ve provided to thousands of claimants around the country. Choose us, and you’ll get a thorough legal service that understands what matters to you – such as speed, and the confidence that we’ll deliver.

    After 20 years, we’ve gathered a reliable network of medical experts to help with any case, regardless of the complexity. Few solicitors have their own in-house reporting service. Yet we enable you to start the assessment process straight away, leading to a quicker resolution. It’s carried out with empathy and total flexibility around your needs.

    We’ll save you money

    Optimal Solicitors aim to make medical negligence claims accessible to anyone. We take on all of the risk ourselves – meaning you don’t pay us unless you win. Plus, we offer a free quote at the very beginning to give a sense of what you’re entitled to.

    We make claiming straightforward

    Serious injury or the wrong medication can leave you bed-bound or with limited mobility. We understand that, so we’ll move your case forward in whichever way suits you. You can speak to us over the phone or via email, and we don’t keep to strict opening hours either.

    We make claims simple

    Our legal team speaks in terms you’ll understand. This is crucial when dealing with specialist medical knowledge and expert opinion. We make it our mission to remove any of the confusion about the claims process or the evidence we need to fight your case.

    Do I actually need medical negligence lawyers?

    When building medical negligence cases, you have to be 100% sure that the practitioner was at fault. And you don’t want to risk any holes in the evidence either, which can slow a case down or stop it altogether. Leading a medical claim on your own can be extremely tough. That’s why we recommend bringing an expert team on to help fight your corner.

    How long might a claim take?

    Every case is different, but we can usually resolve it in a matter of months. Defendants have two weeks to acknowledge the claim once we send it, and four months to respond to any evidence. The majority of claims are settled before that deadline. If the case is disputed or relies on more unique evidence, then a trial will be set 12-18 months after we file for court proceedings. This is rare, and we can ask for interim payments to help in the meantime.

    Will a claim affect my treatment?

    We understand that you may have doubts around receiving care from the same people or hospital that caused you harm. Often, though, a medical negligence claim doesn’t influence the level of care you have now – you’re still entitled to it. If you’re concerned, speak to us. We’ll investigate and arrange for you to be moved.

    Can I claim against the NHS?

    Medical negligence in the NHS can occur. You’re fully within your rights to claim compensation – nurses, doctors, and GPs still have standards to uphold. Cases are submitted with the assistance of the Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU), part of the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions. They’ll talk to everyone involved (including your legal team) and process the payout.

    Can I claim for cosmetic and optical treatment?

    Yes, medical negligence payouts can be given for cosmetic surgery. Liposuction, skin grafts, facelifts, and breast augmentation are just some of the procedures you may have been harmed by. The same goes for eye surgery. It doesn’t matter whether this was a public or private operation, your ability to claim is the same.

    Are there time limits for making a medical negligence claim in the UK?

    The medical negligence claim time limit is three years after you became aware of the effects of negligence. So, a claim doesn’t have to be filed as soon as the harm occurred. But you must prove you noticed there was something wrong on a particular date, and claim within three years of that point. You also have three years from the date of death to claim on behalf of someone who has passed away.

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