Selling a property?
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Selling can be a demanding, complicated process. But not with us. We’ll deal with the legal issues, so you can meet all your obligations and sell quickly.


    We take the stress away from property sales

    When you’re ready to sell your house, the last thing you want is legal issues slowing you down. Conveyancing can be confusing, and even if you’ve been through the process before, there are so many things that can delay a house sale or even stop it completely.

    Choosing the right solicitor is crucial. At Optimal Solicitors, we do all we can to support you at every stage, maximising the chance of the transaction going through swiftly and smoothly.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    We know how stressful selling a property can be – especially if you’re in a chain. Whether this is your first time selling or you’re managing a portfolio, we’ll help to remove the hassle and keep things moving. We’ll proactively chase third parties and keep you updated, so the risk of any delays is minimised. You can rest easy knowing that your house sale is our priority.

    We’re transparent about pricing

    We’re always 100% honest about our fees, so you’ll know all the costs involved before you use our services. You can even input your property information into our conveyancing calculator now for an instant quote.

    We provide a full service

    As well as helping sell your property, we can also assist with other areas of conveyancing, including buying and remortgaging. Our multiple accreditations in this area mean that you can fully trust our legal advice.

    We personalise our advice

    Whether you’re a landlord, first-time seller, or have sold a property before, we’ll provide tailored legal advice. We can even communicate through your preferred method, with an interpreter on standby if required.

    How does the process work?

    With Optimal Solicitors, it’s a simple, six-step process:

    1. Our team gathers all the information needed to prepare the contract paperwork.
    2. We then send this to the buyer and handle any queries from them.
    3. Once the buyer’s solicitor performs the required searches and confirms their funding, we’ll agree on a suitable moving date.
    4. Next, you’ll sign the contract and transfer deed. If you have a mortgage on your property, we’ll make sure everything is in place so you can pay this off.
    5. We’ll exchange contracts with the buyer’s solicitor.
    6. When it’s the date for completion and you’ve received the money due, we’ll transfer ownership over to the buyer.

    What paperwork do I need to sell my home?

    This will depend on your specific home and situation. It could include:

    • Proof of your identity and address
    • Property title deeds
    • Shared freehold documentation
    • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
    • Fittings and content form (TA10)
    • Property information form (TA6)
    • Mortgage details
    • Acceptance of offer

    What costs are involved?

    There will be a fixed legal fee based on the property value, and you may also have to pay for local conveyancing searches. Here at Optimal Solicitors, we make sure that legal advice on selling your home is transparent and affordable – you can get an estimated quote through our conveyancing calculator, and we’ll confirm costs in our free initial consultation.

    How long does the process take?

    Usually it’s about 8-12 weeks. It depends on a few different factors though – such as if you’re in a chain, if you’re a first-time buyer, and if there are any complications around selling.

    Sell successfully with Optimal Solicitors

    We’ll do what it takes to make selling your house quick and hassle-free. Arrange your free consultation now, and our team will discuss how we’ll help you.

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