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Our solicitors are here to take you through the legalities of serious injury claims. We’ll offer the personal and focused service that you deserve following a serious or life-changing injury.


    Suffered a serious injury? We’ll help you take back control

    Serious personal injury claims are rarely straightforward. Due to the complications involved in gathering evidence, and assessing recovery time and future prognosis, they can take a long time to settle.

    To minimise stress and maximise your chances of success, turn to senior injury lawyers. With 90 years’ combined experience in every type of serious injury, you can rely on us. We can even help with high-value complex fatality and clinical negligence cases.

    We’re here to support you from day one. Our team will look after your needs, guiding you through the legal complexities, evidence-gathering process, and paperwork. We’ll be there for you right through to the conclusion of your case, and far beyond.

    Get support from Optimal Solicitors so you can get the best possible outcome.

    Unsure what you need?

    You might not know what you need – or what you’re entitled to. Thankfully, we provide more than just legal advice. We’ll help you figure out what you need, and signpost you to a whole team who can help your case – from interpreters and translators to assessors and occupational therapists. We understand that every case is unique, and making sure that you get what you need is important to us.

    A network of specialists

    We have a team of experts to help with your claim, including medical specialists, rehabilitation providers, barristers, and case managers.

    For a medical assessment of your injuries, we have access to specialists nationwide – meaning that you can be examined close to home. We’ll make the referral, then you’ll receive treatment and advice from a dedicated professional. It’s as simple as that.

    Here are just some of the injuries we can help assess, together with the specific specialist who normally deals in that area. It’s worth noting that some specialists may be able to advise on multiple injury types.

    Injury type Specialist for injury area
    Fractures Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
    Spinal cord Spinal surgeon/Neurorehabilitation therapist/Consultant neurosurgeon
    Brain Neurologist/Neurosurgeon/Neuropsychologist
    Psychological Psychiatrist
    Multiple injuries An individual expert for each injury
    Chronic pain Pain management consultant
    Loss of limbs Companies who offer the most modern prosthetics, wheelchairs, equipment, and assistive technology

    For rehabilitation, we can arrange physiotherapy and psychological therapy (including cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT). Even if this isn’t available on the NHS, we’ll make sure you have access to it as soon as possible.

    If your injury has had a permanent impact on your mobility, a case manager can visit you to carry out an initial needs assessment. They can also make recommendations for home adaptations.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    How to claim for a serious injury

    We handle every case with the highest level of care and expertise. We simplify the steps involved in serious injury claims, making the process as easy as can be. You’ll be able to get the right legal advice so you can build a better future.

    Here’s how it works:

    Speaking to us

    The first step is making us aware of your case. We’ll establish the facts and evidence, and have an initial meeting with you and your family. A barrister may also be brought in if the case is very severe. We’ll make sure that everyone involved understands the focus of the case, and what they can do to give you the very best outcome.

    Contacting the insurers

    We’ll speak to the insurers at the most suitable time for your case. This may depend on whether interim payments are needed (securing these is not a guarantee, as not all insurers will accept that the accident was the defendant’s fault). Rehabilitation costs can be taken outside the legal process, and we will arrange this straight away if possible.

    Investigating liability

    We then establish the accountable party. This is an essential step as, without liability, there will be no compensation. We’ll gather all evidence including testimonies from witnesses, the police, and other bodies.

    Identifying the cause

    A causal link will also need to be proven; otherwise, it’s unlikely you’ll receive compensation. We use experts – both medical and non-medical – to help prove that the accident was the direct cause of your injury and any losses suffered.

    Settling your case

    We’ll look to settle your case outside of court with the insurers. If we can’t agree on the claim value, or those accountable don’t admit to liability, then we’ll take the matter to court on your behalf. It’s within your rights to start court proceedings within three years of the accident.

    Start the serious injury claim process

    Don’t delay getting the justice you deserve. Take the first step by contacting the Optimal Solicitors team now.

    Types of serious injury compensation claims

    Claiming for any sort of psychological or psychiatric damage shouldn’t be strenuous. We’ll pursue your case for the resulting pain and suffering of your serious injury, as well as the loss of amenity.

    If your serious injury has led to the loss of personal possessions or earnings, or damage to your property, you don’t have to struggle alone. We can help secure financial compensation, including for any future loss of earnings or reduced income capacity.

    Need to adapt your home or make care arrangements? We’ll help relieve this burden for you, supporting claims for current and future care, fees for treatment and rehabilitation, and adaptation costs like those related to your living space.

    No matter what costs you’re encountering as a result of your injury – from the financial burden of increased home bills to return-to-work training – we’ll be your support as you get what you’re entitled to.

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    We truly understand just how challenging living with a serious injury can be. So we do whatever it takes to find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    We always approach each claim with empathy, building a genuine relationship with you so that we can more adequately meet your needs. It’s for this reason that we don’t just support the legal side of your claim, but provide assistance for many other aspects of your serious injury – using our nationwide network of medical experts to assist with reports, rehabilitation, and diagnostics.

    We’ll save you money

    We absorb the risk of taking on your case to make the cost of legal advice accessible to you. Plus, we provide a free consultation so you don’t have to pay a penny to receive initial guidance on your case.

    We're experts in serious injury

    Our dedicated injury lawyers have vast experience in various types of serious injury, so we can effectively guide you through the process. You’ll also have access to our own internal medical reporting teams.

    We adapt to your individual situation

    We tailor our approach, making the claims process comfortable for you. We can travel to you to discuss your case, or we can speak over the phone, via email or video call if you’d prefer. We can even provide a translator or interpreter.

    What do serious injury claims solicitors do?

    Serious injury claim lawyers gather all the information required to build a solid case for serious injury claim payouts. This includes being able to accurately determine liability, putting together any documentation, and liaising with insurers as well as medical and rehabilitation specialists. Our team can even go one step further, giving you access to our rehabilitation and support network.

    Do I actually need a serious injury solicitor?

    There’s so many factors involved in serious injury claims – not just the physical and mental impact, but loss of current and future earnings, your quality of life, and long-term costs too. Plus, complexities in your case may arise that you didn’t foresee, and it can be tough to make sure that those responsible accept accountability. Therefore, we always recommend using a specialist solicitor to gain maximum compensation and to guarantee your case has the right focus. They can also present the facts from the beginning, and make sure that the case is honest – any dishonesty can result in a failed case and significant costs.

    How much compensation can I claim for?

    We can’t give you a precise figure as every case is unique – from the specific causes to the level of liability. To determine the amount of compensation you may be eligible for, we tailor the way we work.

    We assess the claim based on a variety of factors, including:

    • Loss of earnings
    • Medical fees
    • Rehabilitation costs
    • Psychological care or support

    Who can make a serious injury claim?

    If you’re able to, you can make the claim for your own serious injury. If this isn’t possible due to mental capacity (because you’ve suffered a brain injury, for instance), a family member can help you get your entitled justice.

    A child’s serious injury claim can be made by their parent or legal guardian. You could still claim on their behalf for up to three years following their 18th birthday.

    In the event that a claim is made on someone’s behalf, the court will need to be involved. Only then can a settlement be approved, and a compensation amount be agreed. In particularly large cases, periodic payment orders are used to pay a regular sum every year for life.

    Is there a time limit for claiming serious injury compensation?

    Usually, the timeframe for adults is three years from the date of the accident. In the case of children, the three-year time limit for them starts once they turn 18 years old. However, there are exceptions to this – for instance, if a person doesn’t have the mental capacity to make legal decisions. If someone has died, then family members have a three-year timeframe from the day they passed.

    What accidents do Optimal Solicitors deal with?

    We can support a wide range of accidents. These are categorised as follows:

    Accident category Examples
    Accidents at work
    • Machinery defect
    • Lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), or incorrect PPE
    • Lack of health and safety training
    • Poor supervision
    • Violence from colleagues
    • Road accidents
    Road Accidents
    • Motorcycle/cycle
    • Car/van/truck/bus/coach/lorry
    • Motorway, A/B road, residential street
    • Zebra crossings/roundabouts
    • Pedestrian accidents
    • Potholes/diesel spillage/mud/ice
    • Pavement accidents
    Pavement accidents
    • Potholes
    • Defective slabs or kerb stones
    • Tree roots or overhanging trees
    • Ice
    • Indoor public place
    Indoor public place
    • Shopping centre
    • Library
    • Leisure centre
    • School
    • Restaurants and bars
    • Supermarkets and convenience stores
    • Hotel
    • Gym
    • Train station
    • Outdoor public place
    Outdoor public place
    • Car parks
    • Parks and playgrounds
    • Theme parks and funfairs
    • Faulty products
    • Electric shock
    • Dog attack
    • Sports
    • Abroad
    • In the air
    • At sea

    We can also help through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) if you’re claiming against an untraced or uninsured driver, or have to use the Green Card system. We can support you if you need to use the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) to get your compensation too.

    What injuries do Optimal Solicitors support claims for?

    The list of injuries we can help claim for includes:

    • Spinal cord injuries – partial or total loss of all four limbs and torso (tetraplegia/quadriplegia) or paraplegia (where the loss is sensory or motor)
    • Amputations – of the limbs (arms, hands, legs, and feet), digits (fingers, thumbs, and toes), facial (ears, nose, and tongue), breast, or genitals
    • Sight loss – blindness or loss of eye
    • Brain or head injuries – severe, moderate, subtle, or minor; or skull fracture
    • Hearing loss – deafness or severe tinnitus
    • Loss of taste and smell
    • Loss of speech
    • Epilepsy
    • Degloving (where a section of skin has torn off the underlying tissue, resulting in its blood supply being severed)
    • Severe burns and scarring
    • Brachial plexus injuries (damage to the nerves)
    • Serious lung injuries and disease
    • Serious psychological/psychiatric damage
    • Chronic pain – such as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or fibromyalgia
    • Serious orthopaedic (bone) injuries – including those to the neck, back, shoulder, and limbs
    • Polytrauma/multiple injuries
    • Fatalities

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      Jonathan Eastwood
      Jonathan Eastwood

      Jonathan’s career in personal injury law spans 25 years. He has specialised in serious injury and large loss cases for the last 12. During that time, he has dealt with a variety of claims, including accidents involving brain and spinal injuries, as well as fatalities.

      Usha Nayee
      Usha Nayee

      Usha’s 20 years in serious injury litigation has seen her handle fatality and clinical negligence cases, and even a delay in diagnosis against NHS trusts. She has fought claims involving orthopaedic injuries and amputations (among many other injuries).

      Kevin Walker
      Kevin Walker

      Kevin has over 25 years’ experience in catastrophic injury claims, with a niche specialism in seeking compensation for amputation. A long-standing member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, he has also been recognised in the Legal 500.

      Susan Phelps
      Susan Phelps

      Susan qualified as a Solicitor and her legal career began at a Personal Injury firm in Cheshire where she remained for the next 23 years. Susan worked hard and progressed through the firm from Trainee Solicitor to Team Leader to Head of Litigation finally ending up as an Associate Director.

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