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In the aftermath of a crash or serious injury, your legal team should do all that they can to secure the full compensation you’re entitled to – and keep you informed as your claim progresses. Optimal Solicitors fight hard for your motorbike accident compensation while making the process straightforward.


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    Minor, moderate, or severe – if the damage wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a claim against the guilty party. Motorcycle injuries are some of the deadliest on UK roads. Around 5,000 motorcyclists are killed every year on average. Far more are hospitalised, or are left with trauma and mobility issues.

    But the law is on your side… After many years dealing with road traffic accident claims, Optimal Solicitors know exactly how to build a robust case. Thanks to thorough legal skills – putting documents, evidence, and testimony into place – we make sure you get what you need when you need it. 

    Every aspect of our work, from cycling and driving accidents to pedestrian incidents, informs our assessments. This means we also work with speed, sensitivity, and empathy – all so that you can begin to put your mind at rest and move on from the accident.

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    Around 5,000 motorcyclists are killed every year on average. Far more are hospitalised, or are left with trauma and mobility issues. Want to pursue your own claim? It can be easier than you think.

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    Bicycle accident claims

    What are the common causes of cycling accidents? 

    Responsibility plays a major role in the compensation amount you’ll be awarded. So whether someone else was entirely or partly to blame, our solicitors will weigh up the following reasons for what happened:

    Reckless driving

    The offender may have been speeding, distracted, or intoxicated. We’ll examine CCTV and accident reports to find out how much they were at fault.

    Failing to check road safety

    This could involve pulling out of a junction too fast, ignoring wing or rear-view mirrors, misjudging distance, or opening a vehicle door at the wrong time. 

    Cycling on bad roads

    Environmental hazards like potholes and poor gritting can lead to severe injuries. You could be entitled to compensation from whoever was in charge of road maintenance.

    Adverse weather conditions

    Rain, sleet, snow, frost, or harsh sunlight may have played a role. As Optimal Solicitors investigate cycle injury claims, we always determine whether the weather exacerbated risk.

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    Motorbike accident claims – handled by professionals

    What motorbike accident claims do Optimal Solicitors deal with?

    Perhaps someone else drove straight into you, didn’t check their mirrors, misjudged distance, crossed too quickly, or carelessly opened their door. Either way, Optimal Solicitors will get to the bottom of it. We’ll gather evidence and testimony – including photos, police reports, and CCTV footage – as we build a full case.


    This can lead to some of the most life-threatening cases without a clear source of compensation. Hit-and-runs, for instance, may involve an untraceable driver. But Optimal Solicitors can still estimate the funds you could receive, making the most of legal frameworks that protect motorcyclists and malicious injury. 


    Someone should be maintaining the safety of the road. Whether it’s the local council or a private landowner, they’re responsible for making sure that it is properly gritted and clear of potholes, debris, or masonry. Much of our work involves looking at the environment that may have caused the crash. 


    Again, there’s the chance someone wasn’t as vigilant as they should have been, and has failed to meet their responsibilities. We’ll discover what caused the spillage, and who should have prevented it. 


    How Our motorcycle accident solicitorscan help you?

    Optimal Solicitors offer a free initial consultation to review your situation and assess whether you may be entitled to compensation. We’ll also use this meeting to discuss our processes and how we’ll help.

    We’re one of the most trusted legal teams in the UK because we genuinely care about what you’ve been through. It’s why we bring in translators, rehab experts, and medical specialists to support your claim and recovery. Our result isn’t all that matters; your quality of life does too. Here’s why else our clients depend on us…

    Optimal Solicitors speak like people

    We make it absolutely clear what’s involved in the claims procedure. Whenever there’s an update, you’re the first to know – and we never use jargon or confusing terminology.

    As accident claims solicitors we work completely around you

    Just tell us when it's suitable to get in touch. We can talk on the phone, over email, or in person, and we can do so outside of traditional office hours.

    You won’t have to wait long for rehabilitation sessions or medical diagnostics

    Optimal Solicitors’ nationwide contacts are able to book you in as soon as possible. They can even make house visits if you’re severely hurt, or confined to a bed.

    Motorcycle injury claim examples

    While the average compensation for a motorcycle accident can vary, the list below shows what you might expect from a claim:

    Harm to the body

    • Moderate shoulder injuries (some discomfort) – £10,340
    • Total loss of natural kidney function – £51,700
    • Lung disease causing serious disability – £65,000
    • Total loss of bladder function or control – £113,575
    • Severe neck injuries – £119,900
    • Loss or removal of one lung – £121,330
    • Severe back injuries (without paralysis) – £130,130
    • Quadriplegia – £326,700

    Harm to pelvis and hips

    • Minor to moderate injuries – £3,190
    • Some permanent disability – £10,175
    • Leg instability and hip replacement – £21,505
    • Moderate dislocations or impotence – £31,625
    • Severe injuries – £105,875

    Harm to legs

    • Minor knee injuries – £7,500
    • Simple fractures – £11,385
    • Dislocation, wasting, or torn cartilage – £13,500
    • Fractures with incomplete recovery – £14,520
    • Knees with instability or deformity – £21,500
    • Multiple fractures with limited movement – £31,680
    • Moderate or permanent knee injury – £56,375
    • Serious leg injuries – £68,365
    • Severe knee injury with joint disruption – £77,770
    • Above-knee amputation of one leg – £111,100
    • Below knee amputation of both legs – £218,350
    • Total loss of both legs – £227,975

    Harm to feet and ankles

    • Simple fractures or puncture wounds – £6,750
    • Moderate foot deformity – £12,500
    • Ankles with tears, scarring, or ligament work – £13,500
    • Serious multiple foot operations – £20,000
    • Moderate ankle injuries with some instability – £25,000
    • Severe foot injuries with substantial mobility issues – £34,000
    • Severe ankle deformity and degeneration – £35,000
    • Amputation of all toes – £45,375
    • Severe foot injuries with permanent disability – £55,000
    • Amputation of one foot – £55,000
    • Total loss of both feet – £100,000

    What are the time limits for motorcycle accident claims?

    Every case has a limitation. The court won’t review claims that breach it. Refer to these timelines before you reach out to us. 

    • The standard time limit is three years from the date of the accident 
    • If you were a child when the injury occured, you must claim within three years from the day you turn 18
    • If you’re claiming for a fatal motorbike crash, then it’s within three years from the time at which you found out that those injuries caused the death

    What if I have to go to court?

    It’s unlikely that your case will need to go to court as the other legal party should review the claim and come to an agreement. However, if they or their client does dispute the claim, Optimal Solicitors can represent you in a court case. This is rare, but we make sure the proceedings are as stress-free for you as possible.

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      What can you claim for?

      During our extensive legal history, we’ve seen a range of physical and mental issues arise from bicycle accidents – each with their own rough compensation value. Here’s an overview of what you may be able to claim for: 

      • Serious, mild, or moderate injury to your shoulder, eyes, face, neck, head, back, legs, hands, wrists, chest, or feet
      • Brain damage or mobility issues that seriously impact your quality of life
      • Damage to the bike itself, as well as anything you may have been carrying at the time of the accident
      • Loss of earnings – in other words, the amount of paid work you would’ve completed if the injury had never occured

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