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    Licensing is essential for many organisations, but that doesn’t make them any less complicated. If there are any issues or a breach of licence, you could have bigger legal problems on your hands, including banning, blacklisting, fines, and even imprisonment.

    Our team of business licensing solicitors are best placed to help you through the process. We know what regulators and licensing authorities expect from applications, and how to manage your licensing responsibilities. We’ll sort things on your behalf, helping to reduce risk for your company.

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    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    We know that applying for a licence isn’t straightforward. So, we take the time to clearly explain your requirements, guide and support you with the application, and guarantee compliance at every step.

    With our help, you can stay clear of any issues and make sure that the licence is protecting you in the right situations.

    We’ll help you comply

    We’ll help you comply

    We’ll make sure your business fully complies with any terms. We don’t think legal support should be riddled with jargon either, so we put the process into words anyone can understand.

    We’re clear about pricing

    We’re clear about pricing

    When we provide a quote, you can be certain that it’s the actual price. Our initial consultation is free too, meaning you won’t have to pay to discover exactly how we can help you.

    We’ll save you time

    We’ll save you time

    We know you’d rather focus on your business than licensing applications. So, we’ll deal with this for you, and only come to you to request any further information or to give an update.

    What type of organisations need a business licence?

    Believe it or not, most businesses require some sort of business licence. It’s not just those selling alcohol or food – the likes of childminders, accountants, hairdressers, and even window cleaners need a specific licence to carry out their activities.

    Licences can be granted through a local authority or professional trade association, depending on the kind of business.

    How do I find out if I need a business licence?

    Think about your organisation and its activities. It may help to understand the core purposes of a business licence, and consider whether these apply to you:

    • To protect the health and safety of the public and any staff
    • To promote best practice
    • To guarantee that the business is liable for its actions
    • To track finances in relation to tax

    If you’re still unsure, use the government’s licence finder. It could also be worth talking to your local authority or a solicitor to be certain.

    What’s the process for applying for a business licence?

    This depends on the type of licence. Once you know which one you need, speak to your local authority to get the relevant application and forms. A solicitor can help you fill these in, boosting the likelihood of it being approved.

    Why do I need commercial licensing solicitors?

    Licensing applications take a great deal of time and contain complex legal terminology. Solicitors can help break this down, so you know what the process involves. We can also help with other aspects of the application – from providing additional information and checking it complies with regulations to handling any objections.

    How do I apply for a licence to sell alcohol?

    Firstly, you need to know which licence you require. There are three main types of licence related to selling alcohol:

    • Premises licence – For any organisation selling or supplying alcohol on a permanent basis
    • Personal licence – For anyone selling or supplying alcohol, or authorising the sale or supply of alcohol
    • Club premises certificate – For qualifying members’ clubs (like the Royal British Legion and working men’s clubs) that plan to sell or supply alcohol

    After figuring out the licence you need, you’ll have to fill in an application form and send it to your local council. This will cost you a specific fee, which you can often find on your council’s website.

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