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When you’re the victim of a pedestrian accident, you want a quick resolution – one that means you receive the money you need to get back on your feet and move on. Our solicitors work tirelessly to get that result.


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    On average, five people a day die on British roads. Around a quarter of these are pedestrians. The amount of people injured is much higher, and there’s so much to weigh up for a swift, accurate claim. That’s why you need a specialist like us.

    Optimal Solicitors will fight for your right to the compensation you may be owed. Whether you were injured by a bike, motorcycle, car, or heavy-duty vehicle, you can trust us to get to the bottom of what happened and bring the full extent of the law on your side.

    Meanwhile, we’ll conduct interviews, gather testimony, and even arrange medical or rehabilitation appointments. As the case progresses, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way – so that you can focus on the road to recovery.

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    At Optimal Solicitors our legal experts are committed to getting you the compensation you’re entitled to as quickly as possible. We do our best to make sure that nothing holds you up – whether that’s gathering evidence and testimony, or time spent in court. Speak to us for a free quote.

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    Pedestrian accident claims

    What is involved in a pedestrian accident claim?

    Here’s what you should do for a swift claim:

    Gather any initial evidence you have

    Take photos of your injuries, the scene, and (if you’re able to) the vehicle itself. Showing where, how, and why the accident might have occurred will support your case.

    Make a police complaint

    This shows you’re treating the incident seriously. Whether it’s a hit-and-run or a minor scrape with an apologetic driver, the police should know about it. An official report can be used in court. Additionally, they may be able to provide CCTV footage.

    Avoid speaking to the vehicle’s insurer

    If you’ve swapped details with the driver, their insurance team may get in touch. It is important that you only discuss the accident with your own medical or legal professional, and don’t sign any document or statement unless you’re certain that it’s in your best interests.

    Keep tabs on expenses or loss of earnings

    Pedestrian injury compensation can factor in the money you would have received for working. That’s also true for the cost of transport to and from medical appointments. Store every receipt, fuel bill, or related payment.

    Bring a solicitor on board

    Done all of the above? Contact Optimal Solicitors. We’ll collect more evidence, details, and testimony as we prepare your claim. Our team will explain everything as we reach each stage, liaising with the other party’s legal team on your behalf.

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    Causes of pedestrian accidents

    The most common cause is speeding. Other forms of negligence – such as not checking the road, driving under the influence, or speaking on a mobile phone – come in at a close second. Weather conditions can contribute too. If you or someone else is partly responsible, the compensation is split accordingly.

    While there’s a lot to analyse and cross-reference, we make it as smooth as we can. Optimal Solicitors have been involved in many minor, mid-level, and major injury cases of varying complexity. We can clearly outline what you can expect from the claims process, and can even offer extra support to manage your mental and medical health.

    During the pedestrian accident insurance claims process, you’ll be mapping out the trauma and physical pain you’re going through. Psychological damage will guide the final settlement, as well as bills, medical expenses, and loss of earnings. We’ll be helping you prove each of these factors, as well as speaking to the other legal party on your behalf.

    To do so, we draw on a huge network of trusted medical practitioners. They’ll look at your injuries, perform tests, and have all the right documents ready to assist your claim. You’ll also have the chance to describe how your health was before the incident, adding more information about the extent it has deteriorated.

    While circumstance does influence pedestrian injury claims, here’s a quick overview of the compensation you might aim for:

    Type of InjuryMildModerateSevere
    NeckUp to £6,000 £6,500-£29,000£34,000-£112,000
    BackUp to £9,500 £10,000-£29,000£29,500-£122,000
    ShoulderUp to £6,000£6,500-£9,500£14,500-£36,500
    ElbowUp to £9,500 £11,500-£24,000£29,500-£41,500
    FootUp to £10,000 £10,000-£19,000£32,000-£53,000
    Hand£700-£3,000 £4,000-£10,000£22,000-£47,000

    For serious injuries, we can arrange ‘interim payments’. They involve:

    • Delivering installments of the full claim amount over several months, before the settlement is reached
    • Dependance on the case being filed (in other words, it’s in progress)
    • Acknowledgement of guilt from the offending party – or, if they dispute it, a court order
    • Confirmation that these payments are used for private medical care (if it’s essential), travel, rehab, or live-in care costs

    A claim has to be filed either:

    • Within three years from the date of the accident
    • Within three years of the date you turned 18, if you were injured as a child
    • Within three years of the pedestrian’s death, if executors are pursuing the case

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    We’ve helped hundreds of people claim pedestrian road accident compensation across the UK.

    Wrongful death claims after pedestrian accidents

    If your loved one has been killed by a driver who is at fault, they’re liable for a fatal accident claim. This is a pedestrian car accident claim with a difference: someone has died, and the person responsible didn’t do everything in their power to prevent it.

    Compensation is often higher since the money is meant to pay for funeral costs and any dependants, as well as offer a sense of closure. You can claim for a wrongful death if you’re a family member, partner, or part of the deceased’s estate – for example, in a small business that they owned or co-owned.

    What does a wrongful death claim involve?

    Consider the following factors before making a claim:

    • The case will probably go to court. Optimal Solicitors can support and assist you throughout, but it may take longer to resolve than a typical pedestrian claim.
    • Current and future income (what the deceased was earning before the incident, and what they would have been earning afterwards) will play a major role in the amount you’re asking for.
    • You can also seek compensation for any service the deceased carried out when they were alive. For instance, they could have taken you to hospital visits, paid child support, performed DIY on your home extension, or looked after an old or sick relative. All of this has potential monetary value.

    The first step is speaking to Optimal Solicitors. Contact us about a potential wrongful death, and we’ll discuss what we can do to investigate your circumstances and legal rights.

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    Optimal Solicitors’ extensive legal knowledge should give you the confidence that we will do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve. But that’s just the beginning. With UK-wide contacts in rehab, therapy, and translation services, we also care about your wellbeing and peace of mind. People rely on us because:

    • We minimise your costs – There’s absolutely no monetary risk in taking us on. We even provide a free quote to explain what’s achievable and how we can help.
    • We aim for the quickest timescales – Robust evidence, documentation, and communication make sure you won’t have to wait longer than you need to.
    • We speak like people – Our solicitors speak plainly, efficiently, and keep legal advice accessible. That’s how every pedestrian accident compensation claim should be.

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