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No one should be left to face the probate registry alone. We can help. Our sensitive, professional approach makes sure your interests are represented and the estate is administered fairly.


    Here to walk you through wills and probate

    The probate process is never easy. First, you need to determine if it’s necessary. Then, you need to figure out how to apply. Our team makes that as simple as possible by gathering information on the assets of your loved one and understanding their wishes. We’ll even help complete and submit your application.

    We know this is a very emotional time, and everyone has different views on whether the will is ‘valid’. We minimise these disagreements quickly while making sure everyone receives what they’re due.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    Applying for probate doesn’t have to be difficult. Our experienced solicitors will carry out your loved one’s wishes as quickly, and thoroughly, as possible. We’ll review all the relevant documents to make sure you administer the estate as they would have wanted.

    Being named as the executor of an estate can also cause tensions among family and friends. We aim to reduce the chances of that by closely researching the will’s validity and clearly explaining our findings to everyone involved.

    We specialise in wills and probate

    We specialise in wills and probate

    Not only are we probate lawyers, but we also have specialist teams in both property and family law. That means we deal with family matters on a regular basis, and are experienced in finding solutions to a range of concerns.

    We take the stress away

    We take the stress away

    After losing a loved one, it can be hard to search through the necessary documents to figure out their final wishes. We take this responsibility off your hands, thoroughly investigating their estate and wellbeing when writing the will.

    We’re transparent about pricing

    We’re transparent about pricing

    Our service comes with zero hidden fees or unnecessary charges. In fact, the price we quote is the one you’ll pay. What’s more, we always aim to avoid lengthy court disputes in the first place – further reducing your costs.

    What is a grant of probate?

    It isn’t always possible to immediately handle your loved one’s estate, even if their will appoints you as executor. In these cases, you need a ‘grant of probate’ and it entirely depends on the deceased’s estate.

    Different banks will have different limits when it comes to the amount of money they’ll release without a grant of probate, but the document remains the same. It’s a written confirmation, from the probate registry, that names the executors who are legally permitted to administer the estate according to the terms in the will.

    What is the cost of probate?

    Generally, the cost of probate is split between the fixed costs (the application fee), and the variable costs (what we charge while making applications and reviewing your estate). These fees can vary depending on the size of your estate. However, we’ll always be upfront about how much you can expect to pay and do whatever we can to protect the total wealth of the estate.

    Do I need a solicitor for probate?

    This depends on whether you feel you’re capable of managing the estate by yourself, especially if there are others who believe they should be acting in the interests of the departed. Probate solicitors help you justify your role and simplify what can be a complicated process. For estates that require a grant of probate, however, we always recommend seeking advice.

    How do I apply for a grant of probate?

    Whether you’re submitting an application for a grant of probate or letters of administration, you must use the GOV.UK website or the Courts and Tribunals Service Centre. You’ll also need to send the original will, as well as paper copies of statements signed by the executors, to the probate registry as supporting evidence.

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    Don’t struggle alone. Handling wills can be an isolating process, and it always helps to have a little guidance. Our team will take the administrative burden off your shoulders.

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