Expert will writing solicitors

Making sure your final wishes are respected
Expert will writing solicitors


It isn't nice to think about dying, but if you want a secure future for your loved ones, it's something you have to consider.

Making a will ensures your money, property and possessions are dealt with according to your wishes after you pass away, and that the people that you most care about are looked after. So, at a very difficult time, it prevents additional distress for your family and friends.
Having a will is especially important if you have children under 18, as it will determine who cares for your children in your absence.
What’s more, with effective planning, having a will provides for your loved ones in a tax-efficient way.
Too many people either don’t have a will or have failed to use professional will writers. A poorly written will can cause as many problems as not having one at all. That’s why it’s important to get it right.
With experience of all types of wills - from simple to complex - at Optimal Solicitors, we pride ourselves on delivering a professional and personal will writing service.
And, because we know how important having the right will is to you, rather than confusing you with legal jargon, we provide the very best legal advice delivered in plain English.
So, when you appoint us, you can relax in the knowledge that your legal property needs are being taken care of.
Making sure your final wishes are respected

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How OptimalSolicitors can help you
Make sure your money, property and other assets go to the people you choose
Minimise the burden of inheritance tax (including setting up Trusts where appropriate)
Establish when people should inherit
Name the people you trust as executors (the people who sort out your affairs after you die)
Set out your wishes for specific items
Make charitable gifts
Appoint legal guardians for any children under 18
Plan your funeral arrangements
Update your will following a change in circumstances such as marriage, divorce, death, or the birth of children/grandchildren.
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It’s never too early to write a will

A will is one of the most important documents you will ever have. And, because unforeseen circumstances happen, it’s never too early to prepare. Here’s why:
  1. Dying without a valid will is called intestacy. This means that your assets will be shared between your family regardless of who you want to inherit
  2. If you die without a valid will, your family could suffer from financial problems, disputes and emotional distress
  3. Without a will, your husband, wife or civil partner may not automatically inherit everything
  4. If you are unmarried your partner could receive little or nothing
  5. If you have re-married, children from any previous relationships could be financially neglected

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Lasting Power of Attorney

You never know if you might lack mental capacity in the future. Having a professionally drafted Lasting Power of Attorney lets you appoint a trusted friend or family member to make crucial decisions for you when you are no longer able to.
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