Seasons greetings one and all. Welcome to “An Optimal Christmas Carol” our modern take on the classic Christmas story and starring many strangely familiar characters.

An Optimal Christmas Carol

‘Twas a bleak day in the autumn of the year 2020 in the land of Brexit. A country ravaged by pestilence, confinement and despair. Powell* the Powerful, Lord of all Optimal and the domain of the empire of Frost sat alone in his home office purveying an App of extraordinary complexity. Pleased with his achievements, as he fiddled and twiddled on the links, he saw in the corner of his eye Count* the Cat sat in his basket looking uncharacteristically miserable.

Never one who was slow on the uptake Powell lamented the loss of all things previously perceived normal. “I miss the hustle of the office, I miss the smiley faces of my colleagues, I miss the annual Christmas party….….”

And as he sat in this moment of despair a bright light shone through the darkness……….”I am Edith* the Effervescent, ghost of Christmas past……”

*Disclaimer: Any reference to persons alive or dead, places real or imaginary and events actual or fictional is entirely deliberate.

**Legal Disclaimer….This person is 100% fictitious. Please accept our apologies if your name is Felicity or anything similar. We are not referring to you (honest).