“I am Sally the Scouse……Ghost of Christmas Future….” Repeated the vision before Powell. Powell rubbed his sore head and slowly opened his eyes…. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I am here to show you the future…next Christmas.. in the year of the great plague… where social distancing and avoidance of human contact have made all that you rule lonely and unhappy…”

“What??” Said Powell “Next Christmas??… but it can’t be…..everyone is industrious, happy and joyful…I don’t believe you!”

“Then wait and see.” Said Sally.

A bright light and in an instant Powell and Sally are transported to the home of Felicity** a two up two down accommodation in the heart of the province of Salford.

“Oh it’s Felicity!” exclaimed Powell. “But doesn’t she look listless and unhappy?”

“Yes” said Sally, “That’s well observed for Felicity is trapped in the land of Salford hundreds of miles from her family abode…. She lacks human contact, has been denied the gym and meeting with her friends at work…”

“How awful” said Powell. “Has she been home to see her family?”

“Not for a very long time now Powell.. There were no flights and quarantine both here and abroad.”

“Dreadful…but what can I do to help Felicity and my other charges? ” Asked Powell.

“Well, let me introduce you to Charles* your trusty companion, Ghost of Christmas present and my loyal assistant Annie* the Amiable……”​