Flight Delay & Cancellation Compensation

If there’s been a problem with your flight that affected your travel plans, we’ll help you get the compensation you’re due


Are you entitled to flight delay or cancellation compensation

Your delayed or cancelled flight has had a huge impact on your holiday or business plans. You could be entitled to compensation if:
Your flight was delayed
If your delay exceeded 3 hours (i.e. you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours late)
Your flight was cancelled
Regardless of the reason for the cancellation (unless caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’ e.g. weather), you have an automatic right to reroute to your chosen destination on the next suitable flight at a time that suits you, or a full ticket refund
You were denied boarding
When caused by overbooking by airlines - whether voluntary or involuntary, you have rights

No win, no fee flight delay & flight cancellation compensation

You’ve worked hard all year for your holiday, so there’s nothing more annoying than your flight being delayed or cancelled. Delays can leave you stranded at home, at a stopover airport, or at your destination causing disruption to your plans and enjoyment.

If travelling for business it could mean missing out on that important meeting you’ve spent months setting up.

All airlines are legally subject to a compulsory compensation scheme (within EU Regulation 261/2004) for passengers who are denied boarding (including being denied the class of seat booked), or who had their flight cancelled or delayed.

This regulation applies to all flights between EU states, out of an EU state, into an EU state, or by an EU based airline (they also apply to some other non EU states).

Don’t miss out. Our team of experts is here to help you make sure you receive the flight delay or cancellation compensation you’re entitled to.
What can you get compensation for?
Don’t forget
  • The amount of compensation payable is a fixed tariff depending on the type, or length of your flight and is payable per passenger
  • According to The Limitation Act that applies in UK law, claims are normally limited to a 6 year time limit from the date of the event

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What can you get compensation for?

Airlines are legally obliged to pay compensation for delayed and cancelled flights (other than in ‘exceptional circumstances’ such as adverse weather), so it’s important you understand your rights.

We’ll help you get the compensation you’re entitled to if:
Flight delays
if it was delayed by 3 hours. However, if your delay was 5 hours or more you have the right to abandon your journey and obtain a refund (this includes refunds for any connecting flights already used and a return flight to the point of origin)
Flight cancellations
unless caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’. You may also be due comfort benefits and, if you were rerouted to an alternative airport, the airline must pay for the cost of your onwards transport. Your right to financial compensation will depend on the amount of notice given and the length of delay
Denied boarding: voluntary
if your flight was overbooked and you voluntarily give up your seat you are automatically entitled to a refund, or a place on an alternative flight.
Denied boarding: involuntary
if you were involuntarily denied boarding due to overbooking, you have an automatic right to cash compensation, a refund of your ticket or rerouting, plus comfort benefits (e.g. refreshments, communication and hotel accommodation)
What can you get compensation for?

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