Financial Settlements

We can assist you with your financial arrangements following the end of your relationship.
Cohabiting & Unmarried Couples

Financial Settlements

The breakdown of a marriage is not just emotionally difficult, it is also financially difficult. We are aware that you will be anxious to ensure your family’s future is financially secure. We are a team of legal experts who can assist you through these complex matters. We are experienced in assisting individuals, ranging from straightforward low value to high net worth claims. We are a friendly, experienced and intelligent team that treat all clients (regardless of wealth) the same, and provide a tailored service which aims to try to save you money by negotiating and settling issues - without expensive Court proceedings.
Getting the right financial deal for you should not be left down to chance. If you require assistance with any aspect of resolving finances after the end of your relationship, please contact us today….
Cohabitation Agreements

High Net Worth Divorces

We appreciate that high net worth divorces often require a more technical approach, due to the substantially more complex nature of the proceedings. These types of proceedings can often require extended proceedings and cover difficult issues such as: complex international issues; high-value assets; high incomes; business assets; pensions; tax liabilities; trust(s); property and additional child maintenance issues. We are on hand to ensure you are supported not only by our legal expertise but also a wide array of experts who can help to decipher the complex matters, with a view to ensuring you receive a fair financial outcome.
These complex matters require us to often unravel and guard substantial finances, properties assets – including international assets. We are happy to guide you through these complex proceedings….
Relationship Breakdown for Cohabiting Couples

Financial Provision Calculation

There is no standard formula calculating financial provisions on divorce and the Court will consider all the circumstances of the case and a range of issue statutory factors known as s.25 factors (s.25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973). These are:
  • The income and capital resources available (existing or reasonably foreseeable in the future)
  • Financial needs, including:
    • The ages of the parties and the period they have been married;
    • The standard of living enjoyed by the parties; and
    • Any disabilities.
  • Further factors are:
    • In exceptional circumstances, the conduct of a party;
    • The contributions made by each party; and
    • Any benefits a party will lose because of the divorce.
The above factors are used to calculate and distribute the available resources between you and your separating partner. The first consideration, before applying the s.25 factors, will be the welfare of any children.

The starting point will be 50% - 50% split. This is appropriate where the assets provide sufficiently for the parties and children. In some circumstances, unequal division may be necessary, and the parties can argue as to why they consider that a greater share of the assets should be received by them. If possible, the Court will try to achieve a clean break, so the parties are not financially reliant on each other in the future. The types of Orders that can be applied for are:
  • Maintenance Pending Suit: This order is an interim order for your ex-partner to make regular payments to you whilst the financial proceedings are on-going.
  • Legal services Order: This order can be where the Court order your ex-partner to pay money towards your legal costs.
  • Maintenance Payments: This order would require your partner to make regular payments for a fixed period or on an on-going basis.
  • Lump Sum Payments: This order would grant a lump sum payment from your ex-partner which would be payable together or in installments.
  • Property Adjustment Orders: This order can include orders to sell, transfer or settle in trust the property for you or your children’s benefit.
  • Compensation for loss of Pension Rights/Orders – This order can include a sharing or attachment order for entitlements.
  • Child Maintenance: This order can be for periodical payments for the maintenance of the child.

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Expert Legal Assistance – Financial Settlements

The process of resolving financial matters is difficult enough, without the parties becoming embroiled in needless arguments. The aim of the matters should be to try to achieve an agreement without unnecessary costs, disputes and proceedings. Our experienced team will work hard to protect your financial position and assist you. We can also access our wide-ranging experts to ensure that your case is prepared appropriately. It is important to have legal representation that can help you to understand the complex matters, we consider our team is in an excellent position to consider your matter and assist you. Please contact us if you need any assistance.
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Azhar Hussain
Azhar Hussain
Head of Family Law Department
Azhar is an experienced, intelligent and dedicated professional, with a proven track record that includes high net worth clientele. He has developed his career within the competitive London legal sector and regularly advises on issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship. Including but not limited to; separation, children and financial affairs
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