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Optimal Solicitors ‘tip their metaphorical hats’ to the determined approach exhibited by the LGBT community in promoting equality. The LGBT community continue to fight hard, and their collective approach is certainly exhibiting results. Some would argue that the road is still long, however, the short-term signs seem promising!


It is quite extraordinary to consider that it has been just 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of same-sex sexual activity.  The societal changes are also progressive, with the number of individuals agreeing with same-sex marriage rapidly increasing.  The progress has continued to change the legal sector, i.e. the legality of same-sex marriage and conversely with civil partnerships being permitted for opposite sex couples. It seems the equality driving is catching…

The difficulties faced by the LGBT community are not lost on right-minded individuals.  Optimal Solicitors are vehemently against any form of discrimination and abuse arising from the same. The continued drive to stand together for human rights is paramount.  In certain areas, it seems that the number of reported sexual orientation hate crimes being reported are increasing. However, aside from the sad conclusions that can be drawn, it does evidence an increase in confidence from the LGBT community in reporting hate crimes.   This can then lead to further action and consequential social changes.

We are on hand to assist the LGBT community with any legal problems they face. We offer a service that is far removed from ignorant discrimination. We offer a progressive service that treats you equally and helps you to focus, handle and resolve your legal issues. The services offered range across numerous areas of law.

Love is in the air

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Azhar Hussain
Azhar Hussain
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